Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nay nay

Yesterday was work, work, work.
And lunch with Mom and Connie
And basketball practice and volleyball practice and a quick run to the grocery
And math homework
And stuff like that
And my driving the Captain crazy because I thought I saw a dead horse
Or a sleeping horse.
He was laying on his side. 
On his side.
In the field.
Oh dear.
So I called the Captain who told me more than once that he was not sending a squad car to check on the sleeping dead horse.
What's the problem?
Are you all just too busy fighting crime and chasing criminals to go poke a sleeping dead horse?
Well, an hour later the sleeping dead horse was still all laid out in the field.
So I called the Captain again.
By this time, he is wishing he had never asked me out that second time.
I also asked my friend Steve who has real live horse knowledge.
Not only does he have real live horse knowledge, he has real live horses.
He said it is not unusual for a horse to grab a sunny spot for a long nap on a cold day.
I quit asking the Captain to send law enforcement and paramedic help.
That's on his equestrian conscience now.
I hope the sleeping dead horse was just enjoying his nap.
And not moving on to greener pastures.

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Steve Burns said...

So, any update on the horse today?