Tuesday, May 21, 2013


1.  Sadness about Oklahoma.

2.  Jordan got out of school last Friday at noon. Cooper has to trudge through the rest of this week. Summer is near!!

3.  I like frosted shredded mini wheats.

4.  Jordan gets her braces off today!  Holla!   Had to wear them for three years, but that extra year eliminated the jaw surgery.  I'm excited for her.  I'm also glad there won't be little tiny rubber bands all over my house.  So, hooray for straight teeth!

5.  I'm currently fretting beyond measure about where Jordan will go to college.  Not so much from the financial side because I'm hopeful she will get a hefty scholarship.  Just the choices and where and all that.  And, it's ok to do all that.  Just probably not the summer before her junior year.  I drive myself crazy sometimes.  Definitely a side of myself that I don't like.

6.  Do you follow me on Twitter?  @angie128 

7.  But, the real question is, do you follow Gauge on Twitter?  @gaugedog

8.  Left work yesterday and told my coworkers to "have a good weekend".  That does not bode well for my week...

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Oh, how pretty are the teeth??!! Good for her!

chill Mama. She'll find the right place. Perhaps Missouri?