Friday, June 21, 2013

The blah blah blah

So here's what's going on with all that's going on...

Jordan is FINALLY better.  No more "parasite problems" - just very very tired.   One thing that's so weird about this is the parasite makes her body unable to tolerate dairy for up to two months after her Rx is over.  So, in essence, she's lactose intolerant.  No ice cream for her.   I'm just glad she turned the corner on the ol' parasite.  Bye bye parasite.

Tonight is a reunion of all the folks from my days in radio.  Well, I wasn't IN radio - I was in radio promotions.  I'm excited to see everybody.  Too bad I couldn't lose 20 pounds in the last week. But whatever. 

The Captain's grandmother was moved to a hospice house last weekend.  It's been difficult and weird and sad and hard and all that.  Really not a fan of this part of life.  Having to ask hard and ugly and difficult questions.  And do hard and ugly and difficult things.  It's just icky.  And icky. 

So, it's finally the weekend, and that's a gigantic hooray.

See you on the flip side.

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JuJu said...

I'm glad Jordan is feeling better, I know that must have been scary. All I can think about is not eating cheese for two months...

So sorry about Grandma. :-(