Thursday, July 25, 2013

Choo Choo

I've been away.

Taking a little ride on the Crazy Train.
But things have finally settled down a little.
Just a little.

I told you the Captain's grandmother died.  But then two weeks later, his aunt (G'mom's daughter) died. 
So when you have two family deaths within two weeks that's a lot to deal with.
And when there's all sorts of business and legal and estate and family and other blah blah blah that's a lot to deal with, too.
It's all kind of fallen on the Captain for lots of reasons.  One family member WHO SHOULD BE VERY INVOLVED is not involved.  Yes, I'm harboring anger.  I admit.  The Captains's sisters, who want to be involved, live in Texas and have little tiny people.  Oh, one sister had a baby in the midst of all this (Hi, Kollins!)
It's all been extremely overwhelming.
Wills.  No wills. Plans.  No plans. 

::Side note:: Seriously people, please put together a will.  Outline your health directives. Let people know what's up with your business.  Make some plans.  Share these plans with others.  It will save the people left behind a lot, lot, lot, lot of problems.  A. Lot. Of. Problems.  I will not NOT leave my kids or my sister or my mom or my mother in law with my mess to figure out and clean up and handle.  NOT.  Yes, I have strong feelings about this.  OK, the end. 

Back to the stuff.  One house with lots of stuff.  Borderline hoarder stuff.
Does one really need checkbook registers from 1971?  I think not. 
Now two empty houses to currently maintain and clean out and eventually sell.
Oh, and my house to at least try to maintain.  That's asking a lot these days.
Plus my regular crazy job stuff
And those two goober kids with all their shenanigans.
I love those two goober kids. 

Anyway, I think we are coming up for air.
Feeling a little more calm.
We watched mucho Andy Griffith episodes last night.
That helped. 
He's a wise man, that Andy Griffith.
He calms me.

Let's see... what else?
Coop is enjoying golf camp this week.  Well, I say that. He's only had it one day because of all the rain on Monday and Tuesday. 
Jordan is in New Jersey for two weeks with the youth group doing hurricane relief work.  Putting on a haz-mat suit and cleaning out a moldy house.  That kind of hurricane relief work.   More on that later.

That's it for me.
Believe me, that's enough.
We are getting by.
Waiting for the Crazy Train to derail.
Other than that, things are fine.
How are you?

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JuJu said...

Oh, bless your heart, and the Captain's. Besides all the grieving, having to deal with all the crap just sucks.

Let your house go. It's okay. REALLY.

And, who knew that Andy Griffith was the 1950s version of Lexapro?