Friday, July 5, 2013

Death, dogs, dysfunction

Yes, I'm still here.
Sorry to leave you hanging for a week.
I know you probably haven't slept a wink wondering where I am.
Things have been a bit challenging.
The Captain's grandmother died last weekend.  It was expected, but happened suddenly.  If that makes sense.
So, we've been doing all that stuff that comes along with that.
Well, really just a graveside memorial because we will have the "real" memorial later since the Captain's aunt is in the hospital (since April - but that's another post for another time) and the Captain's sister is having a baby in Texas any minute.
So, the plans were just a small, private family graveside in Small Town, Missouri.  Funeral 1.0
Then, later, when everybody can come, we would have the "real" memorial.  Funeral 2.0
Small, private family graveside service of about five people turned into a version of "Funeral Crashers" ... there were about 40 people there.
And, a dog.
Yes, a dog walked up to us in the middle of the graveside service. 
He wore his black coat.  And, apologized for being late.
I tried to stifle a laugh - but it slipped out.
And sounded like I was sobbing out loud.
So maybe folks thought I was overcome with grief rather than laughing out loud about the waggy, black, funeral crashing dog.
Anyway, all sorts of stuff with all of that and other stuff.
You know how it goes.
Folks are tired and stressed and angry then we might as well throw in some stupid for good measure. Dysfunction times a thousand. 
Oh, and don't forget the fourth cousin who shared with everybody at the funeral home the current health update about her bladder infection that has lasted five months and she just can't get rid of it and she needs to feel better because she would be cooking 40 pounds of chicken for the fourth and she hoped her sister could make it over the weekend but she was picking up some extra mail routes since the other mail carriers were on vacation and was very busy.
It's been exhausting.  Kind of feel like I'm drowing in life right now.
But it's all good. And we will get through it.
Did I mention we also painted Jordan's room last weekend during all of this?  She's rearranging the entire room, and we are trying to get that all put back together. The house is a wreck while we are in that "transition." I may or may not have a box spring mattress in my hallway. Don't judge.
Oh, and the Hospital Aunt developed some complications yesterday from a procedure she had on Wednesday.  Next 24 hours are "pivotal".
Can't make this stuff up, people.
But, through it all, I'm proud of the Captain and I love him very much.
The end.

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JuJu said...

I'd like to come hug you.

I find that the most amusing and strange things tend to happen at funerals. I swear, I ALWAYS catch sight of the gravediggers, and they all make me snicker for some reason.

I'm so sorry for your loss and hope that you catch a break pretty soon. xxx

Kearsie said...

My friend, it sounds like you need a vacation from life. It's too bad I'm not there to talk of books, Stephanie Plum and maybe chocolate, because everyone can talk of chocolate.