Thursday, August 1, 2013

Confession Crush

I caved.
I now play Candy Crush.
I was probably the last person in the universe to finally start playing
I knew I shouldn't have done it.
I have an addictive personality.  Nothing bad or immoral or illegal.
But I become hooked on other things.
Like silly games that I can't quit playing.
But what is it about this game?
I. Can't. Stop.
Well, when I run out of lives I have to stop.
I will never succomb to purchasing additional lives.
Or resetting the clock on my phone to allow new lives sooner.
But I do watch the time awaiting my new lives.
I've been hung up on a few levels.
Like right now.
That stupid level 38.
It at least gives my mind a "nowhere" place to go.
Guess I could have worse addictions.
Anybody else have a crush on the crush?

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Kearsie said...

Just wait. If you're like me, you'll spend a month playing one level and when you finally pass, you start jumping up and down and your family thinks you're nutso. No support, I tell you. Also, I'm stuck on level 184. I'll probably have to play that level 184 times before I beat it.