Monday, August 5, 2013

One more week

It was a cozy weekend.
I may or may not have stayed in my jammies all day on Saturday.
And, at 5pm finally took a shower.
And put on clean jammies.
Don't judge.
I read two books, too.
And, did a little more cleaning and purging.
Annnnnnd, played more Candy Crush.
Quit judging.
Now it's Monday.
One more week of summer for my people.
It was a long summer.
And a short summer.
One thing's for sure, it was a weird summer.
What with the double death thing and all.
But, it was summer nonetheless.
I never do all the things I want to.
All those grand summertime plans.
Swimming and movies and trips and stuff.
And then Mom Guilt sweeps in for awhile.
Moms, why do we do that to ourselves?
Build up all these magical and perfect plans in our minds.
I think moms may care more about all that stuff than the kids do.
Hope so.
But we had fun doing whatever we were doing. Or not doing.
It's so easy. Relaxing. No schedule. No routine. No bedtime. No homework.
Jordan had a good summer for sure.
She was on the go a lot.
She would show up for a shower and a tank of gas and she was off again.
Lots of youth group trips.
The parasite sidelined her for awhile, but other than that... go go go.
Coop was a snuggle boy.
How long can a boy wear boxers and not get dressed?
You Tube videos.
Ping pong games on the coffee table.
Putting contests in the den.
Andy Griffith episodes during lunch.
So, we have one more week of summer.
I'm taking off a few days.
We'll do a little more of the same.
I'm a little melancholy.
I love having my people home.
Gonna squeeze the yummy out of the last few days of summer.

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JuJu said...

These are the precious times that go so quickly. Enjoy your last week!