Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pens and paper and glue. Oh my!

So maybe I'm a school supply stockpiler.
I refuse to use the word hoarder.
But, I buy lots and lots of school supplies when they are on sale.
I use the drawers in my china cabinet for storage.
Pens, markers, highlighters, folders, notebook paper, graph paper, erasers.
Stock. Piled.
Don't ask me why I use my china cabinet for this. The drawers were available. It's convenient for the kids to just grab something when they need it. So, china on top, supplies on the bottom. It works.
Sooooo when the supply list came in guess who had almost every item on Cooper's list?
Well, I'm going to go ahead and say I did have every item. Because the only thing we had to get was a red pocket folder without prongs.
Now, I have tons of folders.  All colors. Pockets. Prongs. And every combination of those features. But I didn't have red, pockets, no prongs.
So that's the ONE thing I had to get.
Yay me!!
Jordan is going through her list today.
We will have to get binders for sure.
And a protractor for geometry.
But we should have everything else she needs.
I'm kind of happy and sad at the same time.
Happy that I don't have to go buy tons of school supplies.
Sad that I don't get to go pile my cart full of supplies.
But, I will grab some things while we are out to add to my cache.
Oh dear...
I just realized this is the last year that Cooper will have crayons on his supply list.
I'm off work today and tomorrow. Spending a few days with my people.
And hitting the china cabinet to get their things together for school.

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JuJu said...

You're never too old for crayons Angie! You know that. :-)