Thursday, October 31, 2013


I got my shot. It didn't hurt. I didn't faint.

I never know how much Halloween candy to get. I don't want to run out. But I don't want all that leftover. And then the dilemma of what to get. Good stuff. The less than good stuff. What do we want as leftovers?  The struggle is real.

Plus, it's supposed to rain tonight and some folks said kids would trick or treat tonight AND tomorrow. Ummmm. No. I'm a grouchy old woman. One night is plenty. Get off my lawn. Yes, I'm serious.  OK, the little bitty ones are cute. But, the big kids who don't even dress up and stick a pillow case in your face and grunt?  No thanks. So anyway, here's a KitKat. Bye.

Yes, I bought Gauge a Halloween costume. He's a glow in the dark skeleton. He loves it. Kind of.

The  Captain's finger still hurts. He just sits there with it stuck up in the air. Like he's drinking tea or something.

College tour tomorrow with Jordan. Excited about that. Nervy too.

That's all I got, people. Have a good day. Happy Halloween. Hope you get lots of treats.

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