Monday, October 21, 2013

Finally a post.

Wow what a slacker I am. October 4 was my last post. Sorry, people.

Enjoyed a great week at the beach. The hurricane totally fizzled out so we only had one rainy day. Nothing major at all. What a buzz kill. Read four books. Played Monopoly every night. Slept late every day, but not late enough to miss the sunrise. Beach sunrise and coffee and the Captain. Watched football. Was a great week with my people. Hated to leave. Hated.

So, back to life and reality. And, that includes continuing to clean out and move stuff from the houses of the deceased. The estate sale date is set so we have limited time to pack and clean and toss and move and such.  Trying not to get overwhelmed with all this.  Worked almost all weekend over there.  Wasn't quite as blissful as the beach, but hey what's a girl to do. This weekend's discoveries include: boxes of bundles of pay check stubs from 1970, about 40 make up "beauty bonus" kits, and two Rubik's cubes. Anyway, a few more weekends and we will be done. Yay.

More later.

I'll be a better blogger. I promise.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

JuJu said...

Even if it's only once a month, I still enjoy hearing what you're up to!

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