Monday, July 7, 2008

Back from whence they came

Everybody left yesterday. We all enjoyed a great weekend, but I think everybody is also very tired. The Bloggie Doggie can sum it all up for you.

My boyfriend was featured on the ESPN Sunday conversation yesterday. (I think the videos scroll on this one. You'll have to click thru them to find him. I say that like somebody else would really want to watch that....) He was also chosen to make his 9th appearance in the All Star Game. I heart him. The Yankees won in 10 last night. A-Rod hit his 536th career homer last night, tying Mickey Mantle for 13th career homers. He was also the top vote getter for the All Star Game. On his home front, however, his wife is also rumored to be filing for divorce today over all the Madonna Kabbalah stuff.

Beattles' drummer Ringo Starr turns 68 today. If I knew this, I had forgotten, but he's married to Barbara Bach who was a Bond Girl in "The Spy Who Loved Me."

I knocked out my Fit Yum Mum this morning. The intervals were a bit rough, but I managed. Better get a move on because Jodi and I have the 5k this Saturday.

Happy Monday!

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