Monday, July 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday Musings

I can't believe that school starts three weeks from today. What happened to the summer?

The Captain has borrowed a GPS for his last 2 out of town trips. Up until recently, he has been quite firm that we don't need one. Although this morning I did get a text from him that said "I love this GPS thingy." So, maybe there is a GPS in our future!

I am really, REALLY, REALLY missing my cardio exercises. I did another stability ball/pilates exercise show this morning. But I'm missing the cardio aspect of it so much. Maybe that's why I'm so tired and grumpy. I TIVO'd a kickboxing show today, so I'll take a look at that tonight. Altho it may find itself in the deleted section with that belly dancing show..... I just wish I could go for a good walk or a little run or something. But I know I have to give this stress fracture some time.

An update on the ol' stress fracture....Today is the first day that I have not felt any twinge of pain or anything from it. So maybe I'm on the mend. One week down. Five to go. That puts me to the end of August before I can do any sort of walking or running. I guess that still gives me a good 12 weeks if I want to do the St. Jude Half in December. Still undecided.

Tonight I've got to get a list together of last year's uniform sizes and what we'll be needing this year so we can tackle that beast tomorrow. I guess I should also check into taking out some sort of home equity loan to finance this little shopping trip.

Hello Dolly! Where did that hurricane come from? I was watching Bertha and Cristobal. And up pops Dolly. A hurricane watch has been issued for parts of the Texas coast.

It's 1pm and 97 degrees. Do you think we'll hit 100 today?

Stay cool people.

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