Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday's updates

Update on the weather: It's a regular cold snap out there I tell you. Wow - only 92 today!?!? Grab a jacket. And the possibility of rain!?!? It's a 5 star day for sure!

Update on today's plan: I'm off work - hooray! We'll probably spend our day playing Wii, starting a new Nancy Drew (we finished the other one last night after church), and just hanging out.

Update on all my ails: My eye is ok. Still a little uncomfortable. I'm putting the gooky ointment in there. My toenail is slowly, but surely, coming off. Not noticeable yet. My stress fracture is getting better I guess. There is still the occasional twinge, but not constant or consistent pain. So maybe I'm on the mend. I'm wrapping up week 3 of the 'no walk or run' order. (And I'm really itching to just go on a real good walk or a little run.)

Update on other exercise: Today is an off day for the push up challenge. I did an In Shape show today which was "using stability ball and hand weights to build upper body strength".

Update on the kids: Still sleeping.

Update on Brett Favre: Reports that the Packers have offered him a $20 million 'salary package' to stay away from Green Bay. That's nuts.

Update on the Bloggie Doggie: Watching the sprinkler in the front yard and sniffing out some rain.

Consider yourselves updated people.

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