Friday, July 18, 2008

Wanting an end to this nutty week

I tivo'd a yoga show that I did this morning. Hmmmm. Not really my cup of tea. Maybe it was just new to me. It was lots of stretching - which I guess is what it's supposed to be. But it really did nothing to get me going this morning. The lady's voice that talked you through the exercises (which are actually called poses) was so soft and soothing and she talked like this. I could have just fallen back asleep laying there in the den floor. Definitely no way to get yourself up and at 'em. But it was better than nothing. I decided against checking out the show called "Shimmy" which is a belly dancing exercise show.

Happy Hunky Birthday to Vin Diesel who is 41 today. For those of you who read the Stephanie Plum books, he *is* my Ranger....

Speaking of Stephanie Plum, someone caught the newest Janet book, Fearless Fourteen, at the library and gave it to me rather than returning it. So, I'll start that this weekend. She said it was good, but there wasn't much Ranger in it. That's a crying shame. So once, again, that Lisa Gardner book gets shelved for a new release.

Did anybody see the moon early this morning? It was full and orange. Maybe a result from the Code Orange ozone levels or something? No relief in sight from this heat and humidity.

The Captain will be home late tonight (yea!) but will leave again on Sunday afternoon (boo!). I'm so glad he will be home so he can take over some of this mess and handle these wild kids and do some of this laundry and clean up dog puke and give me a break get some rest and just sit in his big chair and enjoy a relaxing night after his long week on the road. Especially since he's LEAVING AGAIN!!!

I'm just glad this nutty week is almost over. The Bloggie Doggie just wants a biscuit.

TGIF people!

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

MOM said...

I can live with less Ranger as long as Morelli is there. I am eager to read this latest book.

Connie said...

Yep, I agree with mom!

angie said...

We can recheck, read and pass on. I should be able to finish it this weekend.

I would take either Ranger OR Morelli.

Hubba Hubba