Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

The staff at Me and My Good Life are excited to announce a new feature on the blog. Friday will now be "Flashback Friday" and will feature a photo of the Bloggie Doggie from his puppy years. It was actually the Bloggie Doggie's idea. Perhaps he was tired of the papparazi (puppyrazi?! Ha Ha! I crack myself up) and suggested digging back in the ol' archives. Anyhoo, here is the first installment of Flashback Friday....

Awwwww - Washn't he the cutisht thing you've ever sheen?

Today is a neato day. It's 8-8-08! How cool is that! Today is also the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! Let the games begin! Showing the Olympic spirit are those uber creative folks at Google. I heart those guys I tell you.

For the first time in over a month, I'm proud to say I have no Favre report. The only slightly related story is that the Jets cut Chad Pennington, but we all saw that coming anyway either with or without Favre probably. It's still not right. Brett Favre is a Packer. And it will be hard to see him in green and white instead of green and yellow. I wish it had ended differently. I'm at least glad it ended. Does it matter that he's still number 4? It's all just wrong.

And in the Funny How Kids' Brains Work department, I share this little tale: Jordan has an old laptop that only runs some games and Microsoft Word. On her list of things to do she had "Can you put the internet on a disk and run it? Ask Daddy."

Let's talk exercise. I completed the last day of Week 2 of the Push Up Challenge. I think I have to go retest before moving to Week 3. It is getting harder and harder. I did another In Shape show this morning. I've been doing those 3 or 4 days a week and am really loving them. Today was tai chi and kick boxing. The tai chi was a little odd. There wasn't a lot of stretching, but lots of breathing and "pushing the negative energy out of our body" whatever that means. The kick boxing was tough. I even worked up a little sweat. I looked like Rocky Balboa I tell you. You should have seen me with my upper cuts and jabs and weaves. You would have laughed your head off been very impressed.

TGIF people.

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MOM said...

HE ish so cute. Too bad they don't stay puppies forever - EXCEPT for their behavior. They were saying on The Today Show that the number 8 is considered lucky in China. They have a huge number or couples getting married today.

angie said...

Or you could be born at 8:08 on 8-08-08....