Friday, August 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

Today's Flashback Friday picture features the Bloggie Doggie with one of his favorite puppy toys. Mr. Quackers. Mr. Quackers was, obviously, a stuffed mallard duck that actually had a quacker thing in it and he would quack when the Bloggie Doggie would chew on it. Slowly but surely, Mr. Q. started falling apart, first the quacker sound, then the stuffing, then his feet. Eventually Mr. Quackers was just flat, empty wings. It was a slow and painful death for the ol' duck. And finally, he went to the big duck pond in the sky. But Mr. Quackers holds a special place in the Bloggie Doggie's heart. He LOVED Mr. Quackers. RIP Mr. Quackers. We miss you. (One of the kids must have been sick when I took this picture, because the couch has sheets on it. i.e. The Sick Bed as they call it)

A little hii-yaaa from Google today as they salute martial arts:

I caught women's diving and track and field last night, but fell asleep before the men's beach volleyball game. There are only 3 more days of Olympics, one of those is the closing ceremonies. I will miss it for sure next week. But I have also missed my sleep....

...and my reading time. It's taken me weeks to get through this book I'm reading. And it's a great one (I recommend it), but my free time has gone to watching the Olympics.

It's Friday people! Say HOORAY!!!

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