Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is it only Tuesday?

Well, what did you watch last night since there was no swimming, diving, track & field or volleyball? Cooper and I watched the Scooby Doo marathon we had tivo'd from Sunday. Then we watched Deal or No Deal. Did anybody watch the Democratic Convention? Are you going to?

The kids brought the beautiful muave vinyl beanbag down from the playroom over the weekend to lay in and watch movies. The Bloggie Doggie thinks it's a perfect doggie bed.

How about all that rain we got yesterday? Wow. Two or three inches I think. I guess Fay has finally fizzled out. She hung around for a long time. Looks like Hurricane Gustav is now one to keep an eye on. Wonder where he'll end up.

A new boxing and stability ball workout for me today. The boxing is actually kind of fun. Quite the workout on the arms for sure. Then she did some boxing moves ON the ball. A little tricky. I was bouncing all over the den jabbing and undercutting. Whew! Off day for the pushups.

Nothing else to report on this Tuesday morning. Have a happy day people!

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