Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Phelps is Phantastic

I continue to be amazed by Michael Phelps. He is just so awesome to watch isn't he? He won his 9th gold yesterday which ties him with 4 other Olympiads (one of which is Mark Spitz) for the most Olympic medals in history. I heard last night that he is supposed to eat between 8,000 and 10,000 calories a day. Yet, he still weighs only 195. Here's a great little article that breaks down each of his swimming strokes.

We are all just totally digging the Olympics. Cooper was actually watching France vs. Korea in boxing last night. I am really enjoying the swimming this year - maybe more than I have before. I also am anxious to see the track and field.

I have begun Week 3 in the Hundred Push Up Challenge. I had to retest at the end of week 2. I'm proud to tell you people that I completed 16 pushups! If you will recall, my initial test resulted in 10 pushups. So there is some improvement there. And, the Captain actually said Sunday that he 'noticed some definition in my triceps'. Wowie! The week's schedule looks like this:

Week 3
Day 1: 15, 12, 12, 10, 15
Day 2: 16, 14, 14, 12, 15
Day 3: 20, 15, 15, 12, 16

It looks most intimidating don't you think people? I completed Day 1 this morning. I also did my In Shape show which was Pilates and Yoga. I have begun to really like the pilates, but the yoga is not for me. There are all kinds of odd moves and they each have names. One of them is called "upward facing dog" and "downward facing dog". Which look like this:

The 'dog poses' are, of course, the Bloggie Doggie's favorite poses. He gives them his own individual spin, but they look something like this:

And, for today's Google post......I heart those Google people I tell you.....I'm obsessed with these little things.....

And, for those of you who do not live in Jonasville, I must remind you that the brand new Jonas Brothers CD is released today! Jordan has been waiting for this day.....She is certain that there will be a line outside Target this morning of people waiting to purchase this little item and it will be extremely difficult to find one. I am pretty certain I will be able to accomplish this mission with no trouble.

The kids (and their mother) did survive the first day of school. Jordan came home talking nonstop about her day and how much she liked her teacher much better than she thought she was going to. Cooper was beyond quiet. He did say he had a good day and the only other thing I could get out of him was "recess was awesome". I also found out that he didn't go to the bathroom all day long because of The Belt Situation. I was very upset about that and cried to the Captain when he got home. I am now on the lookout for a pediatric urologist who will put in a catheter. Or an organ transplant surgeon who can operate on him when his kidneys fail. Or a psyciatrist for me new belt. Stay tuned ...

Make today a great one people and cheer for the USA!!!

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MOM said...

You took me back many years today. I remember the first day you went to Cherry Road. You changed classes, had to go by your locker - everything was new to you. When you came home that afternoon, you had not had time to go to the barhroom all day and I had the same meltdown you did and thought you would have problems for life. Back then we didn't have all the pediatric specialists that we do now, so we just had to wait and see if you survived it. Remember one of Dad's favorite sayings - what goes around, comes around - who knew it would apply to going to the bathroom. HA and aside from that - do Mothers get to bathe alone-------if you lock the door, they knock - and you hear - Mommmm - and to top that, Dad is sitting right where they were.