Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stayin' awake for the U. S. of A.

Who stayed up to watch the US women win the gold in beach volleyball!? Very exciting - they are so good. They're cute too - it was fun to see how excited they were after their win. They even gave a shout out to the Prez. I did NOT stay up to watch the women win the semi in the regular court volleyball. I believe their game started at 1am central time. Ummm, no thanks. Would love to see it, but just not possible. They play the winner of the Brazil-China match on Saturday. But I'm not sure when it's going to be aired - Friday night maybe? Uncertainty here people. I really, really REALLY love the Olympics, but my sleep is suffering. Killing me. The beach v'ball game didn't BEGIN until 10pm. Yawn.........

Speaking of volleyball, both Jordan and Niece M. made their teams! Hooray for them!! (And Nephew T. has earned yet another skull and crossbone.) Nice job peeps. I'm proud of all of them!!

While the Captain is a professed fan of the Me and My Good Life blog, he does not love it enough to read it on a DAILY basis. This has been known to hurt the Bloggie Doggie's feelings very much. So after I have nagged and nagged about his not reading my blog when he does catch up on all this blah blah blah nonsense and ramblings all these thrilling posts and exciting current event updates, the Bloggie Doggie is very excited. See? Look at the excitement just radiating from his cute puppy face. And, even though I cut it off in the picture, I'm certain his tail was wagging in pure joy.

More pushups for me this morning. I'm working back through week 3. I also did a "Stretch Max" show. I don't like this girl as much as the girl on my regular "In Shape" show. This chick drives me a bit nuts because she prefaces every move with "Now what you're going to do is....". She says that before Every. Single. Move. Quite annoying.

Google is taking it to the high jump today.

We've got two more days before the weekend. Hang in there people. Peace. Out.

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MOM said...

Kenny Rogers has been eating cake for 70 years today. That is a good number


angie said...

Love me some Kenny Rogers. "Oh Ruuuuuuuuubeeeeeeeee...don't take your love to town."

MOM said...

Dad and I liked Thru The Years, along with a lot of others. We went to see him when he was in town once. Good concert. Good singer.