Saturday, August 2, 2008

Triple Digit Saturday

The high today is 102 with an expected heat index of 115. That's just wrong. It is a good day to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day today. Which sounds a little more enjoyable than National Mustard Day which is also today.

Not sure what we've got going on today. Not much outside with those temps. A trip to the grocery for sure. Cooper has a birthday party this afternoon. And there's a dinner at church that the Captain signed us up for, that honestly, I just don't want to go to. We'll have to see how that goes.

I got up and did some Pilates this morning. The Bloggie Doggie wanted to do weights instead.

Tax Free Weekend today. And I'm SOOOO EXCITED I'm not participating in that. I would rather pay the tax and not fight the crowds. To me, I'm not going to fight all those people just to save $7. One year we did attempt to get school supplies during this nutty weekend. We couldn't even keep our buggy with us in the aisles. It was that crowded. I parked it in the main big aisle and would send Jordan into the mob of people and hope that she popped back out bearing glue sticks and pocket folders. I'm glad I've got school supplies and uniforms marked off my list. Those stores will be nuts today for sure. No thanks.

I love the stillness of my house in the early morning hours. OK, so it's not so early anymore. But everybody is still sleeping. So it's still quiet. Even the Bloggie Doggie, who must be tired from his weight training, has gone back to sleep by my desk.

Hydrate today people. Peace out.

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