Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

A little Monday Morning Quarterback...

  • Arkansas got their Razorback booties handed to them. Not looking good for my Hogs.
  • Memphis got a win! Yea!
  • Best game of the day was the LSU-Auburn game. Some great football there.
  • Poor Tennessee....
  • And Vanderbilt is 5-0?!?!?
Today is the first day of fall. I love fall and all the things that come with it. Here are some things I like about fall:

  • watching the leaves change colors
  • crisp morning temperatures
  • soups and chili
  • long afternoon shadows
  • pumpkins
  • beautiful fall colors
  • college football
  • sweaters

The Bloggie Doggie is waiting for Fall to arrive. OK, so I really took this last week and he was actually watching the kids play in the front yard. Just play along...

Even Google is welcoming fall...

How about you people? What do you like about fall?

5 Wanna' ramble too?:

MOM said...

all of that, and rainy days, warm inside with the lights on, a cup of coffee and a good book.

connie said...


Jessica said...

things I love about fall:
- opening the windows in the house on a cool day
- blazers and jackets!
- the warm cozy colors that represent fall
- everything you, your mom, and connie said! (especially the coffee and good book thing!)

The Inspector said...

The Inspector says the Captain's wife needs to seek treatment for her internet addiction.

angie said...

It's bad. But I can admit I have a problem....that's half the battle.