Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little rest and a big rock

The Bloggie Doggie usually sits behind the Captain's chair while I do my exercising in the morning. Basically, he just doesn't care. See?

But today, he thought he would check out the action.
Three more...two more...

Guess where we're going to be tonight? No, not volleyball practice. Or soccer practice. Nope, not a volleyball game. Not a soccer game either. We're not going to church or a school function. Do you give up? We're going to be AT HOME! Yes, people we're going to be home tonight. It's almost too good to be true. This will be the first night we have been home since August 30. I actually looked at the calendar several times thinking something must have been omitted or scheduled on the wrong day. But it's true. Home. I can't wait.

Looks like Ike has made a turn and is heading more toward south Texas. At one point yesterday, it looked like it was going straight to Houston. The Captain's sister lives there. But she is really too preoccupied right now to have to deal with a hurricane and an evacuation. She is too busy looking at this......

Yea for her!! How exciting!! She got engaged Sunday night. No date set yet, but probably sometime in May. And yes, it is beautiful isn't it? (And quite largish!!)

Think beyond yourself today people. Ciao!

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