Tuesday, November 18, 2008

r u a txtr?

So, do you text? A few of us were talking yesterday at work about texting. Some of us do it and some of us don't. I jumped on board the texting bandwagon this year. I now admit...I am hooked and incredibly dependent on the ol' texting.

Odd places that people are text messaging from:

1. 77% of people have admitted to text messaging while driving.
2. 79% of people have text messaged while using the bathroom.
3. 37% of people have sent a text message during graduation.
4. 18% of people have text messaged during a wedding.
5. 16% of people have sent a text message during a funeral.

More interesting text messaging facts:
1. Over 18.5 billion text messages are sent each month.
2. There are over 68.7 million text users.
3. Only 10% of text messages are spam as opposed to 65% of e-mail being spam.
4. Text messages are usually read within 15 minutes of being received and responded to within one hour.

Age statistics of People who Text Message:
1. 19% are ages 18-24
2. 24% are ages 25-34
3. 22% are ages 35-54
4. 19% are ages 45-54

Median age: 38
49% Male/51% Female
So, what about you?

Do you text?
Have you sent a text from an odd place?
What are the last 3 text messages you sent?

I'll get it started...

Yes I text.

I admit to texting while driving and also texting during church. Although maybe that one could be considered as TEXTing....???

My last three text messages were:
"sooner prob to be safe"
"i think so. won't it be fun?"
"u r up early"

Have a groovy Tuesday people. Peace out.

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connie said...

They obviously didn't poll the 13-17 crowd!!
I think I said
"should we make signs?"
"We need to be on the road no later than 8 if not sooner"...and "It's bedtime at the Millers" all from the couch

Bob Bentz said...

What is the source of your statistics? I would like to use them in my blog, but I need to know the source.

Bob Bentz
Text Message Blog

angie128 said...


I just sent you an email.