Monday, November 24, 2008


My mind is all over the place this morning. So my blog post will be too. Hang on - here we go...

Life --
It is only a one day work/school week for us. Hooray! Surely we can make it just one day.

My to do list is ginormously humongous. Everything from making posters for tomorrow's football game to making pecan pies for Thanksgiving dinner.

I will spend about 7 hours in the car tomorrow so I hope to use that time to finalize my Thanksgiving dinner plans (dishes, place settings, etc) and really firm up my Christmas lists.

Want to know how to make doing your entire Thanksgiving shopping trip on the Saturday before the holiday easier? Rip your list in half and give it to your kids and say "Ready, Set, Go!" Worked beautifully. We hooked up twenty minutes later and combined carts. The only things that showed up on their buggy that weren't on the list were: lemonade, frozen mac & cheese, frog stickers, oreo cookie pudding. DONE!

It was a great weekend. I got a lot done. The peeps were extra sweet and helpful this weekend. Cooper raked leaves. Jordan unloaded groceries and did laundry.

I need to get my hair cut.

It's raining.

Now let's turn to sports --
Memphis Tigers....boys, boys, boys. They lost yesterday. And free throws did it to 'em. Again. And the press is loving it.

What a weekend for college football. Ole Miss over LSU. Oklahoma trounced Texas Tech. How will the standings all play out? I love college football.

FSU's Myron Rolle was named a Rhodes Scholar. Great story. Neat to see how that all played out Saturday night.

Titans handed their first loss yesterday. Not surprised it was Brett Favre that did it.

Really fired up about heading to Nashville tomorrow to watch our team play for the state championship.

OK people - that's all. Make your Monday a good one, ok?

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connie said...

my mind looks a little like yours today with a few tweakes. you're making pecan pie???