Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Recap

Can you believe Christmas is over? It seems like the time "getting ready for it" is so much longer than the time "enjoying it". I hope you all enjoyed a great holiday week. Here's a recap of our holiday happenings...

  • Even though we were in and out at various homes, and at times had houses full of people, we enjoyed a very quiet, lazy, and low key Christmas.

  • Cooper's gifts can be summed up in three words: Remote. Control. Everything. Batteries for said toys cost as much as the toys themselves.

  • Jordan's gift theme seemed to be notecards, Jonas Brothers, Vera Bradley, and bath gel. She declared the "Free Laundry Coupons" one of her favorite gifts. They will excuse her from folding and putting away her clothes.

  • The Captain and I each gave each other a GPS unit. Surprise! I got a Tom Tom and he got a Garmin. We should never be lost again.

  • Had a little excitement on Christmas Eve when the kids and I were taking my 95-year old great aunt home and my brakes went out. The car started smoking and we found a safe spot to wait for the firetruck. The Captain came to save us (he had been called in to work to handle a little situation) and called a wrecker to tow the car. Quite the experience. I'm just thankful it wasn't any worse than it was.

  • Modes of transportation utilized on Christmas Eve: Camry, fire engine, wrecker, squad car, sleigh.

  • A slow day at the service station on Friday enabled my car to be fixed in one day. He is now home again with a new master cylinder, brake pads, brake something elses, and new tires. Merry Christmas to me.

  • I love these long, lazy holidays where the kids stay in their pj's all day long.

  • Jordan has had her nose in a book since school has been out. She will come out of her room for air and more water every few hours and declare, "I finished my book!"

  • Enjoyed spending time with the Captain's sisters and their significant others. They live in Texas and we don't get to see them on a regular basis.

  • Had fun playing new games and watching movies. Naps were taken, diets were blown, and schedules were thrown out the window.

  • For about four days, we had an on-going game of "Questions Only" from Whose Line Is It Anyway? There were times we were doubled over laughing our heads off. You carry on a conversation, but are only allowed to use questions. Have you ever tried it? Do you think it would be easy?

  • It was a very nice week. I love Christmas and the excitement and anticipation of the whole holiday time. But then, when it is all over, I am kind of glad. Just ready to be back to normal (whatever that is) and have some quiet time.

  • I go back to work today and am not looking forward to that. But only have to work part of today, all day tomorrow, and most of Wednesday. Then I'm off again until next Monday. Surely I can do that.

Three days left in this year people. Wrap it up right!

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