Thursday, January 22, 2009


What's rolling around in my head today....

  • The Tigers, who are FINALLY back in the poll, had a big win over Rice last night. We take on Tennessee this Saturday. A must-see. I believe we have a little business to settle.

  • Am I the only one in America who isn't watching Lost or 24?

  • I am, however, watching American Idol.

  • Anytime we watch American Idol, Jordan will sing very loud in her room and in the bathroom for the rest of the night. I think she is auditioning.

  • Obama got a re-do yestesterday and restated the Presidential Oath.

  • The snow on Tuesday was great. It sure was pretty wasn't it? I wish we could have just one real snow. I've been hounding the weatherman about that. But to no avail.

  • I have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder/back. It hurts. I am turning my head and body like I have a neck brace on. And it's hard to drive. Just tellin' ya'.

  • Cooper says he now has a crick in his neck too. But his has travelled down to his knee and he feels the need to wear an Ace Bandage.

  • Spent the day yesterday with Jordan on the high school campus. It's the same school I attended. Many of the teachers I had are still there. I can't believe she'll be there next year. Emotions were kind of all over the place yesterday. It was a great day. I love that school and am so proud to be a part of it.

  • I have some of the recalled peanut butter crackers.

That's all I got today people. Peace out.

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connie said...

Wanna borrow my neck brace??