Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tweetie Tweet

And here it week at Twitter. Sometimes when I read this, it's real scary....Maybe I need meds...or counseling...or something....

Car battery dead. Linked to alarm. Horn stuck. Neighbors love me.

The Captain has taken the battery out of my car and hauling it up the car care place. Please, PLEASE let this be a simple fix

Playin' some (very addictive) Bookworm while I wait for the Captain to get home

Battery is not problemo. Must replace fusey thing or something. What a bug. But it'll all work out. Just taking up some time today

And the car still isn't fixed

Tow truck. Again.

Car was just towed. I'm sure the neighbors thought it was the repo man

Son: "I'm so excited! I've got to have a bowl of pickles."

Dear People: When you set the tivo to record a show, and said show has a 24 hr marathon, it records ALL of them and uses all the tivo space

Son: "The wise men brought baby Jesus three gifts. Gold, Merchandise, and Myrrh."

Must start searching for the routine we threw out the window over two weeks ago.

What? This week I have to work five days? You mean, in a row???

Is it bad to unfollow Santa & Mrs. Claus and Rudolph since the holiday is over? Will this decision affect my loot for 2009 Christmas?

Three. Count 'em. Three. Three more bowl games. And then college football season is over. What's a girl to do? *sniff*

Son just told me my breath smelled like cantaloupe pie. Is that a good thing?

Oh, who is that at the door? Why, it's Reality! Hello Reality! Have you come to wake up my children?

Captain: "What will you do with me when I am old & have Alzheimers?" Me: "Well, you'll never know will you?"

Dear Children who have worn PJs almost every day since December 19: Today you must wear a school uniform.

Son, entering the room: "Don't worry. It didn't break."

Dear Daughter: Get it OFF that Jon & Kate Plus Eight show! It totally makes me twitch!

Honestly. Just because you can't find it, doesn't mean I put it somewhere

What do you mean QuiQui isn't a valid word on Bookworm?

Dear Weatherman: Thanks for the promise of some sunshine today. I love you.

Son: "MOM! We have a spill on aisle three. A spill on aisle three. Thank you."

I'm tellin' ya. You haven't lived until you've seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in hi-def.

Just watched my kids walk into school holding hands. *Sniff*

Need. Coffee.

Trying to decide if my feelings just got hurt or not.

Son: "I'm for TN. And if TN isn't playing, I'm for FL. And if FL isn't playing, I'm for the team that has the most points."

And thus ends the college football season.

Brandy you're a fine girl

What a good wife you would be

Poor Brandy

He loves the sea

If you find a clue, keep it. I don't want to have it.

Son has been begging to go to Monster Truck Jam. (Thanks to heavy advertising during holiday. I scored free tix! He's stoked. Going tonight.

What does one wear to a Monster Truck Jam?

It's time for monster jam free style. Whatever that is

I am apparently supposed to cheer for "big air". Big air!

Should I be surprised that my head hurts?

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