Saturday, February 7, 2009

My week at Twitter

Sure hope you follow me on Twitter. Because if you don't, you are missing the chance to see what it going on in my head 24-7. Well, almost 24-7. Here's a peek at what you missed this week:

Early start to my day. Meeting at work this morning. Yes, on a Saturday.

Thinking about my daddy today. Missing him.

Home from daughter's fitting. Lady at shop thought she was THE BRIDE. Ummmm, no.....she's ELEVEN.

Now watching my beloved Tigers! GO TIGERS GO!!!

Superstitious Coach Cal changed his shoes at halftime

I heart those Memphis Tigers!

Going to @connie423's house for my final b'day celebration. Sharing it with my bro-in-law and mom who also have January b'days.

Yes, we are watching the Puppy Bowl right now. - Happy birthday to us!

Must have six more weeks of winter weather at my house. My kids saw their shadow and went back to bed.

Way to go Michael Phelps for being such a great example to my kids

Submitting some ads for the Conf USA & NCAA South Reg'l tourny basketball programs. Yes, people...March Madness isn't too far away! Love it!

About to be on a conference call to discuss Yellow Page advertising. It's so exciting, I cannot even garner up the words to describe.

Can't wait to see what my personal chef has fixed for dinner. Oh wait...I don't have a personal chef.

Son just said "When Daddy washes my face, it feels like a cockroach tickling its antennas on my cheeks." WHAT?!? How would he know that?!?

Watching Idol. Wearing my Snuggie. I look lovely. Really

Marlon Brown going to University of Georgia!

Daughter: "I had an awful dream last night. I was living in a nursing home, and they took away all my bobby pins."

Happy Anniversary to me & the Captain. We got married FIFTEEN yrs ago today. Shout out to the Captain! (Even tho he doesn't read my Twitter)

Why does my office smell like blueberry muffins?

I heart Mike Rowe.

Looked all over the house for my phone. It was in my hand.

Been kidnapped by the captain to celebrate our anniversary. Twenty four hours alone with him! Off twitter. See you tomorrow.

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