Friday, February 6, 2009

Brought to you by the letter B

Coco at Ordinary Miracles played a bloggy game where she was assigned a letter and had to list 10 things that she loved that started with that letter. I'm all about some blog fodder, so I asked her to assign a letter to me too. And she gave me the letter B.

So here it no particular order....ten of my favorite things that start with the letter B!

1. Bible -- Life's instruction manual. All you need to know, and do, is in this book. Yes, I try to read from it every day. No, it's never enough. I've read through the entire Bible twice in my life. That's all. And that's embarrassing. But I still try to read and study and learn and memorize and just get in to it. God's Word. Enough said.

2. Beach -- Oh, how I love the beach. We have taken a trip to the beach almost every year since the kids were born. And for many years before kids, marriage, etc. The sun and the sand and the water is just heaven on earth. Heaven. On. Earth. I can't wait to get back there this year.

3. Blogging -- Hi, I'm Angie, and I'm a blogoholic. I love my blog which is read by hundreds of people a few of you every day. I also love trolling around other people's blogs. There's some great stuff out there in the blogosphere people. Check it out.

4. Blessings -- Can't even begin to list or count. I am beyond blessed. More than I deserve. Even when things aren't going my way or things really aren't so peachy, I am blessed. And I am thankful for that. God is good.

5. Banana pudding -- My all-time absolute favorite dessert. Yummers. The end.

6. Bath -- Quite a luxury for me to be able to just take a long, hot bath. But that is just my season of life right now. And yes, when I am able to pull this one off, I usually have to lock the door. If it's not a kid coming in there, then it's the Bloggie Doggie standing at the side of the tub dropping his tennis balls in there. Ummmmm, not really a good time to play fetch with you Doggie. Afterwards, I feel the need to call my mom and apologize for all the times when I was a kid and she tried to take a bath and I was knocking on the door. Sorry Mom....

7. Bed -- A year or so ago I got a Serta Memory Foam Topper for the bed. And that piece of foam has made our bed totally delicious. I love sinking down in that thing. And burying my head in all my pillows. Bliss. (See? An added B word just for you! It's a free BONUS)

8. Basketball, Baseball (Foot)Ball -- I love sports and I really enjoy tuning in to a good football game, baseball game or some college hoops (Go Tigers!)

9. Books -- I wish I had more time to read because I love it so much. I've always got some sort of book going (which I share with you over on the right side of my blog). I do seem to read more in the summer, and, of course, on vacation. Any sort of mystery thriller type book is right up my alley. I really don't dig the romance stuff. I want killing, not kissing. And no, I am not a book buyer. I either borrow from friends or get from the free book store (i.e. library). (My kids like to read too and I'm so glad. In fact, Jordan received the AR award this year for her class. Yeah for her!!)

10. Bags -- I am a sucker for a tote bag. I'm not so much into purses -- I do have quite a few purses including a lime green one and a bright red one -- but it's all about the ditty bag for me. I've got tons of these precious babies. I can never have enough.

So there you have it. My B-list.

And I know what you are all saying....


Hope your day is.....wait for it.....BEAUTIFUL!

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coco said...

What a great list...I share many of the same loves. Thanks for playing along.