Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twitter Stuff

Just in case you don't follow me on Twitter (and why not I ask you?), here is my Twitter week in review...

Watching my Tigers play this afternoon! Because I heart them you know.

Making pancakes.

Son just ate a stack of pancakes. Then asked for waffles.

One hour 'til Tiger tip-off!

My Tigers Rock.

1st Annual Valentine's Day Wii Tournament. Tennis, golf, bowling. The Captain totally smoked us. Especially in bowling.

Hey, did I mention the Tigers won today?!

Wii bowling with the Captain's 81-year old grandmother. It's a total riot.

Yes, Daughter, "Baby Come Back" was a real song before it was on a Swiffer commercial.

Captain and the kids have tomorrow off. I do not. They are staying up late. I am not. They are happy. I am not.

Raise your hand if you have to go to work today. OK people, grab your coffee & your coat and let's go. Shh-don't wake up the sleeping peeps.

Memphis + AP poll = #5!! GO TIGERS GO!!

Son in tub playing with squirty toy says to me: "Now, what you need to do, is put your face right in front of this little hole...."

Son: "Did you know sneaky 'e' can turn a breve into a macron?" Huh?

Fleetwood Mac.

Two people across the hall from each other both talking on speaker phone at same time makes it sound like four people talking. Just sayin'.

I want to be on Cash Cab.

Kids are watching "How It's Made: Badges". Yes, their Daddy is a cop.


Are these singers on Idol just kids - or am I just old - or both?

Dear Weather: Please make up your mind what you want to be doing. Thanks.

Discouraged and disappointed. Moving on.

My day hath stinketh. Really. I am heading to therapy, I mean Target.

73 degree high on Wednesday + 41 degree high on Thursday = runny noses for everybody on Saturday


Daughter: "Mom, if I don't wake up in the morning, it's because I didn't forward a chain email."

Meetings. Meetings. Meetings.

Welcome back Friday. I thought you'd never get here.

Dear person turning left in front of me turning right: Legally, I have the right of way. I know that because I'm married to a cop.

I'm going to the grocery. Will somebody meet me at my house in about an hour to help me put it all away? That'd be real sweet. Thanks.

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