Friday, March 13, 2009

It's finally here!

Man on man do I love March Madness!

We scored tickets to last night's Tiger game and were able to see the Tigers roll over the Tulane Green Wave. But not without a fight. Tulane wanted this win pretty badly. (Until the 2nd half, when they went almost 13 minutes without scoring) And there were parts of this game that were beyond ugly for the Tigers. Like, if we keep this up, this could be the end of the road ugly. But the mighty Tigers prevailed. Yes they did.

These pictures are kind of small, because I took them with my phone. So sorry about that. We are planning to go to tomorrow's game. I will take my camera to get some better pics.

In the "I'll Do Anything To Get An Interview" Department, this last picture is Coach Cal being interviewed right as he was headed into the locker room before the half. The reporter, who was wearing 6-inch stilletos, SPRINTED across the locker room to catch him, hollering and waving her microphone. It was a sight to behold. Her cameraman later gave her a high-five.

After the game, Cooper was able to get Roburt Sallie's autograph on his Memphis hat. He tried to get Dozier and Coach Cal, but no luck there.

Tigers take on Houston this afternoon. GO TIGERS GO!!

Other interesting hoop-action updates:

Baylor beat Kansas. Now, I know I should not "take pride, lest I fall", but surely I'm not the only Tiger fan who thinks this is hilarious.

I'm pulling for Villanova today over Louisville as a Cardinal loss could possibly help Memphis with a better NCAA tourny seed.

And how about the Orangemen of Syracuse in their huge (HUGE I tell you) win. They knocked off UConn in SIX (yes, 6) overtimes. I personally only made it to the beginning of the 4th OT before I fell asleep (and that was at 11:20pm).

March Madness is here people! And I love it!!

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connie said...

I love roBURT salLIE....with the tube sock on his arm....he's one of my new faves!

angie128 said...

The kids asked why he had a sock on his arm. I think Taggart had the other sock on his arm too.