Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This boot is made for walkin'...kind of

Things I Have Learned About Wearing A Boot Since I Broke My Foot
by angie128

Stairs are not my friend.

Anything with a moderately sloped incline is also no pal of mine.

I cannot flex my foot in any way, shape or form.

I cannot should not drive while wearing the boot. I attempted this last week. Not a good idea. The brake pedal was not a problem. It was that darn accelerator. I was either going from 0 to 3 mph or 0 to 65 mph. There was no middle ground there.

During my boot-wearing driving attempt, I was afraid I might have to call the Captain and tell him I was in Starbucks. No, really.... IN Starbucks....

Wearing the boot puts the entire right side of my body 2" higher than the left side of my body.

It makes me limp. I look like Grandpa Amos on the Real McCoys (Thank you Bingmama!)

The sides of this boot are made of metal which hurts like the dickens when it is banged up against the inside ankle of my other foot.

The Velcro straps stick to everything. If I walk through my bedroom and get too close to the bed, I end up dragging the bedspread into the bathroom.

Dog hair sticks to Velcro.

The boot really does not make a fashion statement. At. All.

Wearing the boot is still better than wearing a cast.

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mom said...

When I had to wear a boot, I found a shoe for the other foot that would make them/me level. If you don't, you will wind up with a back issue, that will not go away like the boot will do eventually.- so you walk around with a boot and a shoe with heals - looks goofy - but with your humor, you will have a good come back to anything that is said. It might be fun -- let us know

angie128 said...

I have been trying to wear a higher heel on the left foot. It looks especially lovely when I wear it with my jammies.

mom said...

I knew you would find something funny about this. I didn't try it with pajamas -

connie said...

first of're not SUPPOSED to be able to flex your's broken silly...stablization???

Second, it's a scam...the uneven gait will jack up your back, sending you to yet another CC Doctor...see how that works?!