Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jordan and I ran to heaven on earth Target Saturday night.

And I pushed my buggy by a lady.
Who I didn't know.
But I felt like I did.
And I didn't recognize her.

But I thought I did.

It was weird, people.

One of my Twitter friends Fran, tweeted on Friday that she would be in town over the weekend at her son's baseball game. I alerted her that right down the street fr
om the ball field was Super Target since she had twittered once before about her love for that fine establishment.

And I really thought that might be her.
Isn't that weird?
Because I've never met her.

So I went back and found this lady.
Which is not so weird.
Because I will talk to just about anybody.


Me: Excuse me? Are you Fran?

Lady (puzzled): Ummm, yes.

Me (a little bit louder): YOU are FRAN?

Lady (a little more puzzled): Yyyyyes.

Me (very loud): NO! WAY!

Lady (very puzzled now and obviously thinking she may need to call security - did not respond)

Me (screaming and pointing at myself): IT'S ANGIE128!!!

Lady (who has now been positively identified as Fran): No way!


Hugs and squeals and lots of "I can't believe it!" and "Oh my goodness!" followed.

Because what are the odds of both of us being at Target at that exact spot at that exact time?

And how did I recognize her? I can't explain it. I still really don't know.

Because she doesn't necessarily look like her Twitter picture....And I've never seen her before other than a very short video of herself on her blog....

Maybe it's like Shaq says, and I felt a Twitterer around me...

Would I have stopped her if I had not known she was going to be in town? Probably not.

And I don't know what made me say something to her.

Really....I can't explain it.

It all just happened so quickly.
Because I only got a short glimpse of her.
And it was just so weirdly funny.
And truly a highlight of my week.

And she was all cute looking.
With her hair done.
And her face all made up.
And her cute earrings.
And she looked totally cha.

And I had been doing laundry.
And changing sheets.
And screaming at the Comcast people.
And cheering the Tigers on to victory.
And my hair wasn't done.
And my face wasn't made up.
And the only accessory I had on was the stupid walking boot.
And there was nothing cha about me.

But that's ok.

Because in Twitterville, everybody is beautiful.

We yakked it up for about thirty minutes. Because we had lots to talk about. Since we know each other. Kind of. But not really.

See? Here we are! On aisle D83/Living Room Furniture & Video Rockers.And I have no idea why part of my hair is sticking out like that?!?! I told you...no cha happening that night for me.

And it was really just the neatest thing.

And that is the story of how I met my Twitter friend @franthomas!

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mandy said...

That is seriously cool and she seriously does NOT look like her twitter pic.. Not at all! But y'all are both still VERY cute!!!

JuJu said...

I love this story. It just goes to show you how strong intuition can be!

Fran said...

Aaaaahhhh....aren't we just precious??? I just grin and grin and smile and smile when I think about our Target experience!

Can't wait to see you again.
I love ya much!

Patti said...

Very cool story. And only you would stop a total stranger...and be RIGHT!

angie128 said...

I think it's just the neatest thing. Still can't figure out how it happened. But I'm glad it did. It shows the power of the Twitter Nation!!