Saturday, March 28, 2009


What a wild week I had. Here's my week in Twitter-review.


I am not going to tweet about basketball any more. Until Thursday.

Trying to find $4,000 so me and @bingmama can go to AZ to see the Tigers play. Anybody want to sponsor us?

Will you please pray for my daughter? She had some sort of episode at school. We are at the ER.

Home now. MD thinks daughter may have fainted rather than had a seizure. Blood work & CT normal. Scary day. Very thankful heart tonight.

Aren't you proud of me? I haven't tweeted about basketball in two whole days.

Did I really just catch my son trying to hit the moving ceiling fan with a tennis ball? Surely not.

Watching House. Listening to the rain. Working a crossword puzzle.

Was going to sleep. But have gotten sucked into another episode of House. Boy, they grab ya' right from the get go don't they?

In case you are wondering, if you pour 160 oz. of water into a pot that holds 64 oz. of coffee, you will get a big mess.

Not that @bingmama and I made that coffee mess or anything. Just sayin'.

It's game day people!!! GO TIGERS!!

Just brought son home from school with 102 fever.

Son: "If I swallow a bar of soap and hiccup, will bubbles come out?"

For the record, a six year old is not too keen on a flu test.

Yep. He has the flu.

Here we go! GO TIGERS GO!

Whew! This is exhausting. C'mon tigers!

Sick son just fell asleep on couch. Must not scream while i watch the game.

To say that we need to make some adjustments during the half would be an understatement. And I will NOT talk about that last shot. The End.

We're totally getting outplayed. Gotta' make something happen real soon. I am now holding son's puke bucket.

Still within our grasp. GO TIGERS GO!!!

Oh. My. Word.

OK, I'm crying. But sure didn't need to see Taggart doing it too.

Hate to see it end this way. Sure don't want it all to end.

Dying a slow death here. Hate this.


I have a sadness hangover this morning.

Guess Flu Boy is feeling pretty good this AM. Just got text from Captain: "How long do shrinky dinks go in the oven and how hot?"

Don't normally do afternoon car line. Lots of rules apparently. Sorry people.

Son just said he didn't want to take his medicine because it tastes like elephant poo.

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