Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here is my week. On Twitter.

Tip off time. Go tigers!

Tiger defense awesome today.


Tigers win by sixteen!

Major sleet happening

Listening to coach cal on postgame show. He is brilliant

The snow is gorgeous

Playing Disney Sing It with the kids on the Wii. All my hours of watching the Disney Channel may come in handy. La-La-La!!

Just sent Gauge, the scouting pup, outside to see how deep it is. Almost came up to his tummy. Captain estimates 6-8 inches

Son trying to wake up daughter so they can go out to play in the snow: "Lovely sister...Wake up! Nick Jonas is here!"

Looking like we got about 6". Amazing. Especially considering Thursday the high was 73. And by next Thursday, we hit 70's again.

The snow has been a fun way to keep ice on my foot. Ha.

Playing in the snow = lots of laundry.

Oh laundry...overflowing your darks and whites out of my baskets. You will not defeat me.

Just another Manic Monday. - It's broken.

Son looking out window: "Wow, look at that beautiful sun down."

I am feeling like I have many more things to do than time in the day to do it.

Have spent a large part of today preparing a report that I just found out I probably won't be presenting.

Home now watching Dirty Jobs with all my peeps.

I am tired. And my foot hurts. And I am going to bed. The end.

Yes, the Tigers were 100% from the free throw line last night. Thankyouverymuch.

I attempted to drive to work today with my boot on. Probably won't be doing that again.

It is Friday. And I am glad.

Dear Salesperson: No you really didn't have an appointment with me when you told me you would just "drop off a catalog".

If I were complaining, I would say that my foot hurt. But I'm not. So I won't. But it does.

The Tigers play tomorrow. And I am excited.

Coach John Calipari for Mayor.

More cowbell.

Every time I walk in the back door after dark, my dog thinks it's time to eat. Even though he's already eaten.

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