Saturday, April 11, 2009


My week. On Twitter.


Son thinks all baseball players should drink double chocolate chip frappuccinos before their games. Nope.

Asked son about missing teammate. "He either broke his leg or is out of town. I can't remember which."

Wild thing. You make my heart sing. You make everything groovy.

Why does my sunscreen smell like baby aspirin?

Son telling me he can't take a bath because he's "allergic to water". Then he starts fake, non-stop sneezing. Get in the tub kid.

If you set your alarm for PM and not AM, you will oversleep. Just sayin'.

In case you are wondering, my Easter dress is just like the one Carrie Underwood wore last night on the award show. Except mine is pink.

Tigers new coach. Josh Pastner. Energetic, passionate about the game, serious about recruiting. Plus he's a total dish. GO TIGERS GO!

I am not a fan of the speaker phone. Just sayin'.

I'm crying. My hair girl just called to reschedule today's hair cut. That's a real bad thing right there people. Yes it is.

Breakfast for dinner is yummy.

Working on scripts for our phone tree. Yes, the exciting life of a marketing director.

Just don't have it together today. On many levels.

The light bulb is out in the laundry room. I'm too lazy to change it right now. So I'll just do laundry in the dark.

Lettuce. Again.

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