Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yet another wildly exciting week in my life. To get a glimpse in real time (you know you want to), catch me on Twitter.

Just took my son 19 sips to swallow 1 teaspoon of medicine. Hey, that's progress. At least it's down him.

Son talking basketball play he saw: "It went awound the wim, awound the wim, awound the wim. Then bonked wight in."

Looks like laundry loads are greater than current detergent levels. Didn't I just buy detergent? How many people live in this house?!?

Dear ESPN: My bracket is better than Obama's. Just wanted to let you know that in case you want to come interview me.

Kids are in the kitchen painting. Just realized they used today's paper to put under their papers. Quick! Save the crossword!!

Watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Laughing out loud. Fearing for my lab's safety from the kids after this.

I left room to watch basketball Apparently lots of dog peril in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Both kids are crying.

Happy ending to the movie. Now Daughter wants to dress dog up and carry him in a purse. One problem: He's 80 pounds.

Kind of scares me when the kids holler from the next room "Mom, don't come in here! OK??!?"
Well, let's see....I had Memphis and PItt playing in the Championship. Bye-bye bracket.

I love Elliot Stabler

My Final Four: Memphis = out. Louisville = out. Pitt = out. Syracuse = out. Bracket = trash can.

Final Four....blah blah blah....who cares.

Son wants to short-sheet his sister's bed while she is at church.

Calipari? Kentucky? Say it isn't so.

Too much Cal and Kentucky talk. Making me vewy nuhvous.

All this Cal talk is making my stomach hurt.

Have things ever been so crazy that you think you are being punk'd?

Would you love me less if I told you I like to watch WWF on Monday nights?

Things aren't looking so hot here in Tigerville.

Singing the Memphis blues tonight. Cal officially gone.

Dear Today: I know you still have over two hours left in you. But you have been difficult and it is just time for you to go away. So beat it

What if you only want the kit. Do you have to take the kaboodle too?

This whole coaching carousel thing makes me dizzy.

Dear Bruce Pearl: You're welcome for the big fat raise Memhpis helped you get yesterday.

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