Friday, May 22, 2009

Long weekend ahead

Can I have an amen?

And no, school is STILL not out. So don't ask.

My agenda for the weekend.....

Our playroom is in desperate need of a little attention. Toys must be packed up, thrown away and/or donated. Then I must paint. I don't think I can paint this weekend. Because I have to psyche myself up to paint. And I'm not quite ready for that. Or maybe I should just jump right into the paint can with both feet and do it. Man, how I hate to paint. I have plenty of paint left from when we got our den painted, so it's not like I have to choose colors or anything. But it's just doing it. UGH. It is no accident that the first four letter of paint are PAIN. I want to get all this done soon so the kids can go up there June 1 and not come down until school starts in August. Must. Get. Motivated. I want to buy a new sectional to go up there too. Anybody want to loan me some dough?

Plus, I've been working on a little overhaul for the ol' blog too and I hope to get the final tweaks made this weekend.... so stay tuned people for the big reveal next week.

Hope you have a nice weekend. May hot dogs and hamburgers abound. And may you accomplish a lot of things. Unless you are taking the weekend off to do nothing. In which case, I hope you enjoy the break.

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