Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekly Twitter Review

A recap of my most exciting week.

~ ~ ~

Cleaning my blinds. Yuk.

Are you sure it's not spelled BOYsterous?

It's always good when the weatherman uses the word "beautiful" in his forecast!

Trying really hard to turn my day back around.

Had to work late. Got home in time to aid son who was clocked in the face with water gun compliments of neighborhood bully.

Then found a kennel full of dog puke.

Coffee + novacaine + nitrous = early dental appointment

Just returned from dentist. The entire left side of my face is numb. From my nose to my ear. Drinking coffee is a challenge right now.

Daughter just asked if me and the Captain could pleeeeeeeeeease have another baby. I sent her to her room.

Just gotta' keep on keepin' on.

Son singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame: " me some peanut butter and Cracker Jacks..."

I'm afraid my kids do not have enough brain left to last one more week of school.

Finished helping Daughter with the graduation picture poster project thingy. Amen. And goodnight.

Hooray!! It's the last day of scho.....oh wait a minute. We've got one more week.

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