Saturday, May 2, 2009

My week on Twitter

You really miss some very crazy, scratch your head, she should be on meds, her life is such a drag, I feel sorry for her husband, what a kook, exciting things if you don't follow me on Twitter.

Love a quiet house in the morning when all are still sleeping. It's just me and my coffee. And six loads of laundry.

Dear Daughter: No, you cannot bring home the ferret that your friend is trying to get rid of.

Sad that the Law & Order re-run is a re-re-run.

Cell phone just rang. Guy said "KFC. Can I help you?" Ummmmm, YOU called ME. And no chicken for me, thanks anyway.

KFC dude is calling me back.....

Got email that my background & exp has identified me as an ideal candidate to own an oil change place. Huh? I'm in healthcare mktg & PR.

Oh my word people. KFC IS CALLING ME AGAIN. Alright already. Make it original recipe....

Daughter came home from school w/ sore throat. Thinking it's more like the Whine Flu instead of the Swine Flu. Or maybe the You're Fine Flu.

Just saw guy driving down the street with his car door open

Person in car behind him had leg hanging out of window. Leg had purple cast on it.

Hoping it's ok to eat my pork tenderloin for dinner. Not wanting to catch the swine flu.

Hi, Meanest Mom in the World here because I won't let son go play INSIDE the house of a neighborhood kid that I don't know. BAH!

Trying to get Matchbox car out of dog's mouth.

Me: "How did you get so filthy?" Son: "Dirt."

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