Monday, June 15, 2009

Par for the course

We all went to the golf tourny yesterday for a few hours. The Captain and Cooper also went on Saturday.

Cooper still swears he saw Tiger Woods both days.

We did, however, follow the guy that does this bizarre thing when he is trying to read the break of the greens. Got to see him do this:

I promise, you've got to see it to believe it.

Found out later this same fella' was one of People's top bachelors a few years ago. The End.

There was an asian lady following him too who kept coughing into a rag. I think she had the swine flu. I kept my distance.

Jordan could not believe the players actually get paid. She just thought they were all out there playing golf for fun.

(This is the same girl that saw a "15 gallon blood donor" bumper sticker on somebody's car and really couldn't believe they were still alive..."Man, that's a lot of blood for somebody to donate." Yes, she makes straight A's.)

I am sporting an odd sunburn featuring a rectangle on each arm and a triangle on my chest. What continues to make it odd is we weren't out there very long and the sun wasn't out very much.

Jordan wore her rain boots. Wise decision. Friday's storm left it quite muddy in places and there were some standing puddles. Cooper managed to walk through every. single. puddle. Whether they were in our path or not. My dear son was NOT wearing rain boots. B-O-Y.

I can honestly say I saw men wearing huge checked argyle looking pants, polka dot pants, and pink & purple striped pants. Fashion fail.

In other random news....

Jordan is having her MRI today. Prayers appreciated. Thanks and amen.

I love me some old music by Journey.

I am off work today. Hooray.

I stayed up too late last night trying to finish a book.

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