Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twitter Twitter Twitter

Follow me on Twitter? Why not? You mean you don't want a play-by-play of my day? You miss some very exciting things.

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My "baby" turns 7 today! Hard to believe.

Gotta' go wrap Son's birthday presents before he wakes up and wants to open them.

Going to have a little Mexican for dinner, then off to the Redbirds game. Birthday fun continues!!

Son and daughter just made it on the big screen waving the foam finger and dancing.

Oh Target weekly flyer. How I love you.

Summer = going to bed before my kids.

Major emergency in my office. No coffee in the entire building.

Realized in the office lights that my black and white cami is really black and cream and doesn't match my white sweater. Fashion fail

Two sets of clean teeth + two new toothbrushes + one cavity + one orthodontic referral = kids' trip to dentist this afternoon

Am I the only mom who actually goes out to check on her kids while they are playing outside? Seriously? So it appears.

I like the red Starbursts the best.

Glad the ketchup packet I just found in the bottom of my washer didn't burst open during the wash. Must check Son's pockets better.

When will i learn not to take a vitamin on an empty stomach. Ick.

Son is pretty sure he needs a drum set. I am pretty sure he doesn't.

Boom boom pow.

Ambulance chasing lawyer calls have begun after my Friday night fender bender.

This has been The. Longest. Week. Ever.

I want a banana.

If anybody has a few extra hours in their day that they are not going to use, i would appreciate your sending them my way. Thanks.

The Captain totally does not get this whole Twitter thing.

I'm so happy to see Friday, I could kiss him on the mouth.

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