Friday, June 26, 2009

Two for the price of one

Two posts in one day! Well aren't you the lucky ones.

Random thoughts....

What a wild week it has been. For a news junkie like me, there's been lots to keep up with. And it's hard to be on top of all this breaking news. Especially since I work. Because while I'm here, they really kind of expect me to work. I know. At times it is totally style-cramping. There are days I can't get anything done because of this work business. OK....on to the issues at hand.

The Governor who went for a little walk was in South America with his girlfriend. What on earth is that all about?

The resignation of our Mayor. Amen. Personally, I think this story is not yet over. So stay tuned.

The death of Farrah. Lllllloved her when I was a kid. Oh how I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel. And her hair! Be still my hot rolling heart. I was always in search of the perfect Farrah feathers.

The death of Michael Jackson! Seriously. How out of the blue was that. No lie - I had just been emailing a friend about "Who would be the third celeb death?" and we said oh maybe Walter Cronkite or Patrick Swayze. I hit send -- opened up Twitter -- and there is was. The King of Pop -- DEAD. And I think if you can get past the weirdness (I know, I know - there's a lot of weirdness to get past), his music was just so good. Everybody join me in a few bars of Billie Jean. While we dance. On the floor. In the round. Good stuff people. Repeat after me: Mama-se. Mama-sa. Mama-coo-sa.

And yes, I drove the Captain nuts yesterday when I would only respond to him with Michael Jackson lyrics.

And all he would say to me this morning while I was singing was "McCauley Caukin".

Anyhoo, for those of us who grew up in the 70's and 80's, we relived lots of memories yesterday.

Oh - and don't forget that Shaq is now a Cavalier.

And Antonio Anderson didn't get drafted. *sniff*

Jordan is home from camp. I just emptied her whole suitcase in the washer. She heads out again on Monday for another camp. So I'll just lather, rinse, repeat, repack. She hardly has a voice and sounds like she has kennel cough. And I am questioning if the total hours of sleep she got for the entire week even start with a "2".... But she did stay awake last night long enough to tell me all about it. "And so then....and so then....and so then.....and so then.....and so then.....".

So I think that's it for me.

Unless we get yet more nutty news today.

Peace out.

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