Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week at the ol' Twitter Ranch

It is hhhhhhhhhhhot out there.

Did I mention it's hot out there? Oh I did? Sorry.

Listening to some music that is taking me waaaaaaaaaaay back.

Son pretending to be wrestler on Monday Night Raw. Flopping all over my bed. Using dog collar as championship belt. Calling self Snake Boy.

I have no choice but to take a nap.

Son just got out of the shower. That's funny, he still smells like sunscreen. He thinks wet = clean.

Playing sorry. It appears the captain is bending the rules.

The captain is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

Captain is now cheating at Chutes & Ladders. Honestly people. Chutes and Ladders. Has he no morals?!?!?

Feel free to move about the cabin.

Jammin' to a little Fleetwood Mac "Tusk".

Oh good news, heat index only 100 today, not 110. Does it make a difference once it's "one-hundred-anything"? It's just HOT.

Dear Cavender's Greek Seasoning: I love you. Marry me.

Daughter home from camp! "And so then...and so then...and so then...and so then...and..."

Irritating the Captain by answering all his questions with Michael Jackson lyrics.

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