Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cause I'm just nice like that

The kids and I ran to Sonic the other night for a cold summertime treat.

Total for 2 Oreo cookie blasts and 1 cherry limeade = $6 and change. (Even though I wanted a vanilla shake. I opted for the limeade. The lesser of the two evils. Plus, my choice could be considered fruit. And it's cherry AND limeade. So that counts as two servings of fruit. So there's really nothing wrong with it.)

So I pay the little Sonic carhop girl. And she gives me my "change change" first.
"That makes $7...."

Then she proceeded to peel off the dollar bills for the rest of my change.

This is the point where I apparently derail.

Because my brain must have heard $7 and thought that was my TOTAL CHANGE. (stay with me people)....

Because I said "I just need $5." Thinking the little Sonic carhop girl would earn a $2 tip.

She said with great enthusiasm "Are you sure? Well, thanks." Which really should have been my first clue.

HOWEVER....on the way home I just couldn't make it all add up.

So I said to The Daughter -- who is very smart with all sorts of mathiness -- that none of that added up back there.

And she said with the straightest of faces, "You know you gave her a $20...."



Did I really just tip the little Sonic carhop girl $8?!?!?

No wonder she was so excited.

Because her tip was more than my entire order.

Maybe she thought I was just very generous. Or stupid.

I bet the next time the ol' Camry pulls in the Sonic parking lot, those little carhop girls knock each other down trying to get to me.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

w said...

oh. man. now she can oil her skates. and maybe even get them buffed.

and maybe you should have gotten that vanilla shake. because then it would have been worth it.

mom said...

One of my favorite Bible verses - Esther 4:14. You never know what is going on in a person's life and that may have been just the encouragement she needed at that moment to go on . Maybe the person before you was rude and she needed some kindness. what was a mistake to you was a blessing to her. Turns out to be a blessing to both of you.

Tonya said...

I hope that was just what she needed that day and will never know it was a mistake.

And now I may move to work at your Sonic. ~hugs~

angie128 said...

Guess she can buy some new skates!

I'm not upset that I did it. Just upset that I can't add.....