Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing: One brown, blue & red flowered notebook

The Me and My Good Life blog is apparently not immune to little notebook with all my ideas and lists and links and all my clever witticisms is MISSING. Gone. MIA. Adios. Bye.

I am beyond certain that somebody has taken my notebook with the sole purpose of using all those brilliant bloggy nuggets on their own blog. The nerve. The thievery.

The Captain thinks we could charge someone with theft of intellectual property. I am touched that he thinks my blog fodder is "intellectual".

The Daughter thinks it is hilarious and tried to say during her spells of laughter that nobody would want to steal my notes about a 7 year old golfer or the list of ten things I won't eat.

They both actually think I have misplaced the notebook. Which I guess is possible. But I have looked everywhere. And it is nowhere.

It is gone.

And with it, today's brilliant post.

Because I have been robbed.

And all you get is this post. And the chance to think about the could-have-beens.

It's a travesty. Not to mention a crime.

Have a good day anyway.

7 Wanna' ramble too?:

Kearsie said...

Have you checked in the crack in the sofa cushions? I find all kinds of goodies there: pens, rubber bands, keys, melted gummy bears, book marks, wooden spoons, Apple Jacks, socks...come to think of it, I found a notebook not too long ago...

angie128 said...

No wonder your blog has reached new levels of hilarity.

JuJu said...

Any luck finding it?

angie128 said...

I still can't find it. I've been looking for a few days. I am sad.

Tonya said...

I once lost a calendar that had a lot of important notes and dates in it like when my (now late) husband was supposed to be fishing/working but was actually with his girlfriend...who also happened to work with me. So, I don't really think it was lost after all.

But I bet that's not what happened with your notebook.

LOL....seriously LOL because some days that's all that you can do.

Love ya!

w said...

i bet jerry took it.

the thing about christmas elves is this: they report back to santa on who's been naugthy and who's been nice. but. they also steal.

find jerry, find your notebook.

also possible, tobias the garden gnome. he plants everything in hopes of growing a car.

angie128 said...

Wonder if Jerry has started his own blog with my material.....