Saturday, July 18, 2009


My most exciting week on Twitter. It is a crazy place, that Twitterville.

~ ~ ~

Wondering if eating a Fiber One poptart thing is really a good idea if I'm about to be sitting in a meeting all day long.

Just finished Little League Wii tourny with Son. My arm hurts. Must go get big baggie of ice and tape it to my shoulder like the pro's do.

I just dropped a skillet on my foot. Yes, it hurt.

Gotta' love it when @connie423 and I wear the same thing to church. Sister ESP.

Oh, @connie423 had already tweeted about the matching outfits. See? That ESP thing again.

Dear Thunder and Lightning: Please don't show up without your other friend Rain. He is needed for the Trifecta. Thank you.

Welcome to Muggyville.

The current humidity level outside is approximately 3297%.

I want either some Cheez-Its or some Lemonheads. But not this banana.

One of these things is not like the other: The Captain is playing golf. My kids and @connie423 are at the pool. I am work. Discuss.

Complimented Son on cute madras shorts & tshirt. Then he says, "I could be on a Macy's commercial."

Thunder! Boom. Boom. Wow.

TODAY'S TIP: Do not spill hot coffee on your hands. It will burn you. You're welcome.

Dear target: you seriously need to have more than three lanes open. Thank you.

Can dogs see in the dark?

Sad that Walter Cronkite died.

Seriously? Tiger Woods missed the cut? For real?

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w said...

wait. you're on twitter?

Kearsie said...

I notice none of these are Twitters with me.