Saturday, August 15, 2009

The land of Twitterville

Last week, in Twitterville.....

~ ~ ~
Furniture store just called. My sectional (and ottoman I also got for a SONG!) is on the truck and headed this way!

First piece has made it successfully up the stairs. Now attempting largest piece. Am holding my breath. Everybody think 'small' right now.

Oh dear....

WHEW! Guy came down, said he tried it every way and won't go. Captain went up there, flipped it & got it around the corner & thru the door

That was a little skeeery.

Teens moods change very fast. Wow. Makes my head spin. And hurt.

Fish and corn and crowder peas. Doo-dah. Doo-dah. Fish and corn and crowder peas. Oh doo-dah-day

This afternoon I put way too much trust in my Tom Tom. I can't believe Sir Timothy Tom Tom (yes I've named him) let me down like that.

Preseason football! YES!!

I am not a book buyer. Library = Free Bookstore.

Rain coming. Son just looked outside and said "It's picking up a wind out there."

Dear Emotions: It would be real nice if you would all attempt a little coordination instead of being all over the place. Thanks.

More cowbell.

Thinking about throwing my hat in the Memphis mayor ring. I figure I've got as good a chance as any.....

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! {clap clap}

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