Friday, August 14, 2009

The deal was so big, it almost didn't fit up the stairs

So I got the great deal on the sectional with my winning bid right? Seriously people. I got this thing for a song.

I called the gal after I won to talk about delivery and all that good stuff. While we were talking, she offered me the matching ottoman for yet another song. SOLD!

And it could all be delivered to my house the very next morning! Yippee!

I mean seriously, I got the sectional, ottoman, and delivery for next to nothing. I almost felt guilty for taking such a small amount of money for this stuff. OK, not really. But you know what I mean.

OK, back to the story....

So Older Delivery Fella' and Younger Skinny Dude show up with the two pieces to the sectional, all the cushions and pillows and my song of an ottoman.

My stairs are kind of in two parts. See?

There are these stairs....

Then a little landing. (Here is the Bloggie Doggie showing you the landing.)

Then some more stairs. And another little landing.

The attic door is up there to the right. And the door on the left goes into the bedroom and the playroom. See? Here is the door to the bedroom...

It was hard to get some pictures to show you the whole thing because that space is so small. (Hmmm, that could be a clue.)

It's all a series of 90 degree angles. Which by definition are "right angles". Although in this situation, I would have also called them "acute angles". Read on and you'll see why....

Cause Older Delivery Fella' and Young Skinny Dude got the first piece of the sectional upstairs. Then they attempted to get second (LONGER) piece upstairs.

I stood downstairs and held my breath. And then Older Delivery Fella' came downstairs. And I said WHEW! But it was a very premature WHEW. Because that's when he said "I have flipped it and turned it and flipped it everywhichaway. And it's not gonna' go."

HUH? WHAT?!?!? Oh no. Seriously. Oh. No. It was a very acute problem involving a right angle.

And the Captain said something about my not measuring before I purchased. Measuring? Of course I measured. I measured the playroom. But I never thought about measuring the stairs for goodness sake.

So I looked at him and said "Go fix it."

And the Captain and Older Delivery Fella' and Young Skinny Dude go up there. That is when I proceed to practice the 3 P's. Pray. Puke. Pace. In no particular order.

Then the Captain comes down and takes a little bow. Cause the big long sectional piece was now happily living in my playroom.

And everybody loves it.

Jordan wants to rename the playroom "Kid's Den". She has been sleeping up there.

Cooper wants to call it "C-Dog Mansion". He will say "Want to go watch Monday Night Raw on the sectional?"

Even Gauge likes the new sectional. As evidenced by this picture Jordan sent me with the text "Gauge likes the new sectional".
To which I replied: "GET HIM OFF".

So, that is the story of my very long sectional. And how it almost ended up in my den.

Oh - here is a picture of it. Not one I took of my actual thing cause I couldn't get it all in a picture. So here is its professional publicity picture. (The ottoman is 4' square - just so you have an idea of how honking big this thing is.)

OK, that's all. Peace out.

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JuJu said...

I absolutely LOVE it. And, I really enjoyed the tour through your stairwell. :-)

Enjoy that comfy piece of heaven!

Anonymous said...

Angie - it is beautiful - but this was like reading a suspense mystery. A BIG "WHEW" to everyone.

Libby Buttons said...

Hahaha...sectionals are huge pains in the butt to move but once in place they are AWESOME!
Loved this story.

Tonya said...

I just want a playroom big enough to hold something that big! Whew!

Clueless_Mama said...

That is a beautiful couch and funny story to go with it. I love the bloggie doggie.