Tuesday, September 22, 2009



Y'all, it can change in an instant. In. An. Instant.

My heart has been heavy these last few days. There has been lots on my mind. There was a very bad accident here last week. Three teens. One was killed and another critically injured. And there was a driver. Who wasn't injured too bad. At least not physically.

How quickly lives were changed. Life, as so many people knew it, was different.

It just has made me think about how I live each day. Each minute.

That's really all we've got. Because we really are not guaranteed one minute more.

How am I living? How am I treating those around me?

Friends disagree.
Spouses squabble.
Kids spout off.
Parents yell.

We get mad.
We feel entitled.
We feel wronged.
We act ugly.
We are swallowed up by our own pride.

We get all wrapped up in the future.
What might happen.
We worry.
We fret.
We plan.

We pout.
We are surly.
We are unpleasant.
We choose words that hurt.

And what if that was it. What if -- just like that -- it was all over.

Sometimes lives can change and we see it coming. Like when my Daddy was sick and dying. We knew life was going to change. And we saw it coming. It doesn't make it any easier. But in situations like that, we have the chance to say things, to correct wrongs, to express love. Maybe we acted differently with each other because we knew something was going to happen. Something life changing.

In other situations, we don't have that opportunity.

None of us are guaranteed the rest of the day. Just like those kids last week. It was just an ordinary day. A Tuesday. With carpool and geography tests and ball games. And then it all changed.

Sadly, sometimes it takes something so tragic to get our attention. I know I have thought more in the last days about this than I have in awhile. And it has made me think about how I am acting and feeling and treating others. I am so guilty of all of those examples above. And I get so wrapped up in things that seem so important right then. I feel the need to get stressed out over all the stuff I have to do. I am impatient with my kids. I am curt with the Captain. I take friendships for granted. Why? For what reason? None of those things matter. None of them.

All we have is today. Right this minute. Now.

How are we using it?

Thanks with hanging with me on this post (if you are still reading....). I know it's a bit heavier than most.

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
~Psalm 118:24

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Twila Bennett said...

Great post. I have been feeling the same way this week. Friends husband was in a head on collision last week. They had had been to U2 concert in Chicago over the weekend. So much fun and good times. Two kids. Beloved wife. Then, time stopped for him. You expressed my thoughts exactly here. Let's take advantage of today to share love.

beckyjomama said...

So very hard when things change in an instant. Makes me thing. Makes me miss the sweet friend I lost in an instant and made me hug my man and baby extra hard as they left for the day.

JuJu said...

Oh Angie, I know where you are right now. I am so sad to hear about the kids and the losses their families and friends are feeling.
But, you are turning a very sad situation into a positive by taking stock of things and forging ahead determined to live every possible second.

Dining Table Teacher said...

I went through this when my mom died. It was sudden. I didn't have a chance to clear the air concering a few issues we'd had.

For months I treated everyone better, but sadly enough...I'm back to the "old" me.

Thanks for the reminder.